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At First Renders Ltd, we have been providing our silicone rendering service to the properties throughout London for numerous years. With this, we have gained a vast amount of knowledge and experience in silicone rendering. This allows us to say with confidence that whatever your rendering needs may be, at First Renders Ltd, we can take care of that for you.

Silicone render is a breathable, vapour-permeable, hydrophobic material which has a thin coat finish. This makes it highly useful in areas that have a large amount of rainfall such as Great Britain, as it allows water vapour to escape. With this, it ensures your walls are protected from becoming damp.

With our silicone render, the hydrophobic material repels any water that falls onto it. Any rainwater that falls onto the wall will simply run off the material, leaving the surface as clean as new. At First Renders Ltd, we recommend all properties situated near a lot of trees or plant life, to undergo a silicone render application. We suggest this as it will protect your home from any excess moisture from the outdoor greenery.

Silicone rendering is not only water repellent but also comes with the advantage of how thin the material is applied to your walls. At First Renders Ltd, the silicone renders we apply is usually between 6-8mm. This makes the material extremely flexible, meaning the render will move with your walls. Due to this, as your walls naturally shift over time, the silicone will move with them. The ability to move ensures your walls are protected against moisture at all times.

At First Renders Ltd, we ensure the weather is dry when we apply silicone rendering to your walls to allow it a couple of days to set. Once we have finished the installation, your silicone render should upstand with little or no maintenance for over ten years. Therefore, when opting for our silicone rendering service, you will be assured your walls will hold the render for a significant amount of time. This makes the silicone rendering a cost-worthy choice, with ten years or more of protection against damp or crumble in your walls.

If you are looking for a professional team to supply you with a top-quality silicone rendering service, look no further than our team at First Renders Ltd in London. Why not call us today on for a no-obligation quote or any further information you may require on our rendering services.

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